Google Hikes G Suite Basic and Business Edition Prices by 20 Percent

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Google Hikes G Suite Basic and Business Edition Prices by 20 Percent

The price hike will become effective starting April 2, 2019 globally


This marks the first time Google has hiked the price of G Suite

The prices of G Suite Basic and Business Editions are up by 20 percent

G Suite Enterprise Edition customers remain unaffected

G Suite, Google’s cloud-based suite of productivity and collaboration tools, is going to see a price hike for the first time ever since its availability. Google has announced that the company will up the monthly subscription charge for G Suite’s Business Edition and Enterprise Edition bundles that will go into effect for users across the globe starting April 2, 2019. However, the price hike won’t affect customers who have opted for the G Suite Enterprise Edition.

Google has revealed that this is the first price hike for G Suite in a span of around ten years. As for the price increment, the G Suite Basic Edition will now cost $6 per month (roughly Rs. 430), up from its previous monthly subscription price of $5 (roughly Rs. 360). Also, the G Suite Business Edition has also received a 20 percent premium on its monthly subscription charge and will now be available at $12 (roughly Rs. 860) per month, up from the original $10 (roughly Rs. 710) monthly charge. The new prices will be become effective starting April 2, 2019 and will be applicable for all users across the globe.

An exception to Google’s price hike is the G Suite Enterprise Edition whose subscription charge remains the same at $25 (roughly Rs. 1,780) per month. As for existing G Suite and G Suite Business Edition subscribers who have opted for the Flexible Plan, the new pricing will be applicable starting April 2, 2019 while customers on the Annual Plan will see the new pricing go live for service renewal after the aforementioned date. This means for customers whose G Suite subscription plans are set to undergo a renewal before the deadline, the old pricing will be applicable. 

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